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At KNSP we base ourselves on 3 foundational pillars: Skills, Strength & Conditioning, and Recovery. With a proper balance and development of the 3 pillars, you can give yourself the competitive advantage and overall growth needed to be successful.



We work on "Hockey Specific" skills both on and off the ice to help improve areas of the players game they may be lacking. Through proper shot mechanics, players can learn how to get off the best shot for whichever situation they are in. Passing drills work on various situational schemes, both with and without pressure, building the players confidence in their ability to catch and pass a puck. When it comes to stick handling and puck protection, we want the players to feel comfortable possessing the puck with their heads up and using their body and space to protect it against opponents. We stress honing in on these applicable skills so the players can see direct results in practice and games.



At KNSP, we truly believe the work put in the gym is the true ground work to being the best well rounded athlete. Speed, Power, Mobility, Reaction, Plyometrics, and Agility all make up the foundation of an elite athlete. Our strength & conditioning program is focused on helping our athletes gain that competitive edge, while understanding how and why they are doing it. For those novice participants looking to feel better about themselves, we can set you on a path to better health, or give you that extra step in a pickup game. Whether powerlifting, HIIT, Athletic Training, Speed & Agility, or Functional Training, we can establish a program that develops you both on the physical and cognitive levels. Through a mix of new types of equipment and techniques with some dependable practices, we are able to devise a plan to form the complete "well rounded" athlete.



Often the most overlooked and underappreciated aspect of training and athletics is the recovery and injury prevention. KNSP feels, in order to increase your longevity in your sport of training. Each athlete needs to prepare before and recover post activity. Proper practiced mobility involves the understanding of your muscles and joints, and how each person can put beneficial warmups, movement, stretches, and SMFR into immediate practice. With proper maintenance through routine and consistent warmups, each athlete is helping to increase the durability of their muscles and joints. Regardless of your level, muscle recovery is beneficial for your overall end goal and to keep you moving forward like a well oiled machine. To help each person down the path of recovery, we use tools such as: foam rollers, trigger point balls, percussion guns, and the Normatech Pulse 2.0 machine. With all of these techniques accessible to our athletes, we strive for longevity and avoidance of injuries.

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